4 Reasons to Sell This Fall

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4 Reasons to Sell this Fall

1. Less Competition – Most sellers list in spring so as a seller, fall provides you less
competition which increases the opportunity 
for buyers to view your home.

2. Serious Buyers –Fall home buyers often have a timeline to move before the holidays and
tend to take the home search  more seriously, resulting in 
writing offers faster to avoid wasting time.

3. Curb Appeal – Fall is a beautiful time of year and homes always seem cozier
as the weather turns. Fall colors in the trees and the scent of baking entice
buyers to feel “at home” which encourages offers.

4. Closing is Easier – The pace of home sales slows during the fall; as such
lenders can move faster and the process tends to take less time. The last and best reason to sell this
fall is that it’s the right time for you and your 
plans. When you're ready to sell for the most money
possible and in less time, give me a call...I am here to help!

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