5 Tips for Starting Your "Dream Home" Search

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Searching for your "Dream Home"

Everyone wants to time their  dream home purchase “just right.” But, the reality is that the current market is a
fast paced environment where the best homes move quickly and serious home buyers need to be prepared to act
when they find the right home. Below are 5 tips to help you find your "Dream Home"

5 Tips for Starting Your "Dream Home" Search!

1. Find a Lender and Get Pre-Approved!!! This is the most important steps in the process. You must know what
you can afford before you start your search. By getting a pre-approval letter before you start searching, you'll  
demonstrate to sellers that you are serious when you write your offer and it proves you can afford the home,
which is critical when you're in a competing offer situation!

2. Research Neighborhoods – Each community will have their own personality and advantages; before you
spend time looking at homes, choose the right area for your lifestyle and family needs. If you're unsure, lets
talk and see what matters most to you in your new home! 

3. Pick the Right Home Style – Learn about the various home styles available in your community. Do you
want a single story? Large yard? Do you like older homes, historical style properties, new construction or
somewhere in between?

4. Make a List of Must Have and  Would Like-to-Have – There is a difference! Make a list and be ready
to compromise when appropriate by ranking the items. You can always change the interior features over
time, but not the location!

5. Take Notes –Once we start looking, we might look at 4-5 homes in a single day; take notes and if possible,
please take additional pictures of areas that aren't in the listing photos so you can remember the things you like,
and don’t like, about the homes you see once you get home. In a fast paced real estate market,
spending some extra time preparing for your home search will help you move quickly when you find the right
home for you and your family.


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