6 Reasons Your Home Isn't Selling!

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6 Reasons Your Home Isn't Selling!

1. Over confidence---If you want your home to sell quickly for multiple offers, then you need to prep your home first! Deep cleaning, decluttering and great curb appeal will make the professional photos and marketing grab a buyers attention.

2. Over priced–-Buyers are savvy, they have been studying the market and they know if your home is over priced for the area. In this fast moving market they don't have time to "negotiate" on an over-priced home.

3. Appearance–--Home buyers are willing to over look minor issues,  but homes that are  in need of major repairs or have extensive deferred maintenance will not sell.

4. Title Problems–-Title issues are more common than you think. Old judgments or messy probate can take time to resolve and in a fast-paced market, so buyers will often just move on.

5. Strong Smells---Make sure your home doesn't stink, this will turn buyers off and it will not sell. Fortunately, there are professional options that can eliminate most odors!

6. Your Agent---The hard truth is some agents lack the experience, professionalism and resources to sell in this market. They assume your home will sell without much effort on their part and don't continue to market and promote your listing for maximum exposure.

A sellers market is a great opportunity to sell your home for top dollar.  If your home isn't selling, it's time to make some changes.

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