Downsizing, here are some tips!

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Downsizing...What to Do with Your Stuff??


What to do when you're ready to downsize or rightsize? When you’re ready to move into a smaller space, you need a place for  all the stuff you’ve collected. As you begin the process, start by sorting your possessions into three piles: keep, donate, trash...with less space and less stuff, here are some tips on how to make the most of your new space!

Dual-Purpose Furniture – Buy furniture that offers hidden storage, such as a coffee table or ottoman with storage compartments for extra pillows, throw blankets, games, or books.

Baskets and Cubes – Are great options for cube storage units that incorporate baskets to store extra items for easy access when needed.

Digitize – This is the perfect time to put your important papers and pictures into a digital format. From treasured pictures to tax forms, there are companies who specialize in transferring your items for later access.

Repurpose – Take a careful look at your furniture...and find ways to use some of your favorite pieces in different and useful ways.

Closets – Consider a closet consultation to make sure you maximize your closet space, not only in the bedrooms but also in your kitchen pantry and hall coat closet.