Family Fun Night, At Home!

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Family Fun Night, At Home!

Here are some fun activities that my family really enjoys!


1. Movie Night—This is one of our family favorites and it's a simple activity that everyone will enjoy. Every week we let a different family member pick their favorite movie and their favorite snacks and then sit back and enjoy the show!

2. Homemade Pizza— Like many families, we have a tradition of ordering pizza once a week, but now that we are cooking more, I just purchased a kitchen aid stand mixer so we can make our pizza dough at home and make this a family activity. I buy lots of fun toppings and then let everyone make a personal-sized pizza, it's a great opportunity to connect and learn a new skill.

3. Backyard Camping— Even if you don't have all of the equipment, you can still do most of these. It's fun to plan and let everyone pick an activity; like water balloon races,  a nature scavenger hunt, making s'mores around a campfires and star gazing, there are several great apps you can download to identify the constellations.  The best perk of camping in your backyard is that all of the conveniences of home are right there, if needed.

4. Dance Party—We use Alexa and Amazon Music to create a personal playlist for each member of the family and then just let loose and get our wiggles and giggles out. It's a great way to relieve stress and burn some calories, too!

5. Art Night—This a great activity to do when your stuck, inside. I let the kids choose & see what they come up with. Sometimes we transform a piece of furniture or item that we want to repurpose.  We "hydro-dipped" some old items to give them new life, we painted their bathroom and we love to chalk the walk or driveway with fun, happy messages.  

6. Plant A Garden---You don't need a yard or a green thumb to have a garden. There are plenty of veggies and herbs that you can grow in containers on your patio or small pots on your counter. It's a fun family activity that's tasty, too! 

Not only are these fun, but are a great way to learn, connect and make memories that will last a lifetime!


Stay Safe & Take Good Care!

Kate Ross
Realtor and Home Stager
Coldwell Banker Realty