How to Prep Your Home For Sale!

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How to Prep Your Home For Sale!

Are you ready to sell and are wondering if you should do some home improvements
or upgrades before listing?  The truth is not all changes will bring the best
Return on Investment (ROI). Before you plan a big, or small, home improvement
project, here's how to the most "bang for your buck"

• Yard clean-up and landscaping. Consider adding fresh mulch, colorful plants
   and grass seed. This will add curb appeal and create and outdoor oasis.

•Deep Clean and de-cluttering your home. Spring is a
   great time to clean and organize your home, donate, sell or toss 
   what you don't need, then hire a service to deep clean your
   home...ahh, it's ready for the market!

• Replace or repaint your front door. When selling, you always want
  to make a great first impression & buyers will notice everything that
  needs attention.

• New siding, exterior repairs and/or fresh paint, not only does this make your
  home look nice, it protects it from the elements. 

• Kitchen and/or bath upgrades. If a total remodel isn't in your budget, you can 
  update these spaces by painting your cabinets and walls, replacing the fixtures
   and hardware and update the flooring and counters with neutral colors, think 
   "greige" (grey/beige)

• Deck and patio additions, outdoor kitchens and/or BBQs are all great options
   to add enjoyment for outdoor living

With low inventory, home buyers are searching for properties with good bones.
Ensure there is no deferred maintenance issues., and consider updating a few
areas to give your home a fresh appeal.

For more help on preparing your home for sale, call or text me at #317-407-5889

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