Outdoor Living Trends for 2021

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Top Trends for Your Outdoor Living Space

Yeah, Summer is finally here and you’re like me you'll be spending a lot more time outdoors. Here are the hottest trends Outdoor Living Spaces.

Outdoor Kitchens – Yes, please...I love this trend and it's here to stay!  Having a built-in BBQ grill is all the rage, homeowners are also adding simple pizza ovens, refrigerators, outdoor sinks, cook-tops and bars to create their outdoor oasis.

Edible Gardens – Yum, there is nothing better than home grown produce! Home gardeners have enjoyed seasonal tomatoes, berries and herb pots for decades. With the rise of sustainability, trends have increased the attention on home-grown, organic fruits and vegetables. Any small space can be transformed to grow your favorites, from raised beds to patio containers...give it try!

Privacy Structures – Creating some private outdoor space is relatively easy. Simple strategies, such as a large, well-placed umbrella or planter containing tall grasses, can carve out some private outdoor space. Another trend is using larger furniture, such as covered daybeds or gazebos have made a strong return to the pages of design magazines, swoon!

Front Yards – With the lockdowns and restrictions of the past year, front yards have made a comeback. As people have enjoyed the ability to socialize with neighbors and friends as they pass by, not only have front porches become more popular but adding a patio or sitting area in the front yard has topped the garden trends this year.

The warm weather is back. This is a great time to explore the many ways to enjoy your outdoor space. From simple weekend projects to large-scale remodels, the trend toward using the outdoors to supplement indoor living space is here to stay.