Prepping Your Home For Colder Weather!

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Prepping Your Home for the Colder Weather!

Fall is here, although it's feeling more like winter in some parts of the
countrty. Along with the smell of baking cookies and falling leaves and
maybe some snow,
you can ensure your home is ready for winter by
taking a few
steps now to prepare. Save energy and the hassle of an
unexpected repair by getting some routine maintenance done
before the cold months come. Regardless of whether you expect to see
sub-zero temperatures this season or you live in one of the warmer climates,
preparing your home for colder weather can save you money and hassle this
winter. So before you dig out your winter
coat, take a weekend and prepare
your home for the cold weather to come.

 1. Save is a great time to seal drafts in the home which can suck energy out.
Check around doors and windows and replace worn weather stripping and caulking.

2. If you use your fireplace for warmth during winter, this is the right time to have the
chimney cleaned and checked for safety.

3. Arrange a furnace tune up
complete with replacing the filter and vacuuming the
vents to make sure you are
warming your home efficiently.

4. Outdoor Tasks Before the chill turns to freezing,  head to the yard to winterize
the exterior of your home. Check gutters for clogged
leaves and other debris and
examine the roof and siding for any repairs which
could create leaks or drafts in
the cold. If the gardening season is at its end,
drain water from outdoor faucets
and garden hoses. Make sure the sprinkler
system is off and reinforce any exposed
pipes which could burst with the cold.

5. Check the batteries in your smoke  and carbon monoxide detectors, to keep your home
safe and sound.