Sell Your Home For Top Dollar


Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

Even though in most areas of the country it's a "Sellers Market" getting
top dollar for 
your home might not be as easy as you think?

Here are 3 Tips to help you Sell Your Home For Top Dollar:

Step One:

Chose the right Realtor and then listen to the advice they're giving you regarding the 
value of your home. Do not
 over-price to “test the market” its not only a waste of your
prime selling time, but buyers will offer you less,  wondering if there is something wrong
with the house.

Step Two:

Once you receive an offer; you should review and respond. When you have the opportunity
I advise my clients to "sleep on it" and not to make a hasty decision, based on emotions.
Don't assume that the 
buyers aren't serious if they offer lower than list price. Review all of
the current comps with your Realtor and make a 
reasonable counter offer; based on what
similar homes are selling for in your area. If you're ready to lower your price, great, but
if not, simply reject the offers and be prepared for the next one. 

Step Three:

Sometimes it's best to consider compromising on terms. You can often negotiate a higher
sales price if you are 
flexible on other terms. Have your agent ask these questions; do
the buyers need extra time to close/move? Would they like to 
have the garage shelves or
patio furniture? Perhaps 
they could offer more, but need assistance with closing costs?
Being flexible with these items of value become a "win-win" situation and do not have to
compromising on price. While every transaction is different,  setting the proper
seller expectations and calmly navigating the 
offers, will help you sell your home for the
best possible price. Getting top 
dollar  is a simple strategy of pricing it right and keeping
emotions out of the negotiations.

For more tips on selling your home, visit my Sellers Page and download the FREE "Sellers Guide"