The Cost of Home Staging

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The Cost Of Home Staging

Have you wondered if you should hire a professional stager, like me to help sell your home?  

First it’s important to understand what professional staging includes. The best
answer is, “it depends”! Staging can be as simple as a consultation or as involved
as removal of existing furniture and replacing it with designer furnishings.
Needless to say, the cost of the two extremes are drastically different. Most
homeowners who hire professional stager like me are somewhere in the middle.

To assess your needs, we'll start with a FREE staging consultation.

We will tour your home and focus on the key areas that will make the most
impact when staging your home.

What's the cost?

An average consultation can be $250-$500 depending on the size of the home.
If we determine that you'll need furniture and accessories, it can be $300-500 per room,
per month, which we can discount when you list your home with me as an added
service I provide to my clients. Professionally staging your home is one option I provide to
my sellers have to ensure their home is seen in its best light. Just as buyers fall in love with
model homes, staging your home can bring a modern feel and entice buyers to write the offer. 

Kate Ross
Homes & Staging
Coldwell Banker