Tips for Selling in Summer


Tips for Selling in Summer

The summer selling season is here. Make sure your home is dressed for success.
Welcoming outdoor spaces and bright sunny rooms combined with inviting an air
conditioned rooms will ensure you get the best possible offer.
 With more homes on
the market here are some tips to help it stand out 
from the rest.

Control the Climate – The first thing a buyer will notice when they walk into a home is
the temperature. If the weather is warm and humid, it’s critical you keep the home cool.
A larger air conditioning bill is a small price to pay for a top dollar offer.

Let in the Sun – It might be tempting to close the blinds to save money on air
conditioning, but bright, sunny rooms are always more appealing; leave enough open to
showcase natural light.

Extend Outdoors – Today’s lifestyle includes the outdoor areas and more and more

homes feature outdoor living and dining areas. Regardless of your home’s features,
maximize the impact of your yard with furniture, BBQs and manicured landscaping.

Deep Clean – A fresh, decluttered home with a lighter, seasonal color scheme will be

visually appealing to your buyers. Replace dark pillows, linen and accents with softer
colors which make the rooms seem larger.

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