Top 5 Things Millennial Buyers Want!


The Top 5 Things Millennial Home Buyers Want:

Millennials have entered the housing market and have ideas about
what they want in their new home. Home design trends are becoming
more innovative and reflective of the way we live today. These young
home buyers want bright homes which are informal and inviting; places
where friends and families can gather and relax together. Who Are
These Millennial Home Buyers? Millennials are also the first generation
that grew up on technology. Most never knew a home without a computer,
video game console or cell phone. They want their spaces to be intuitive
and innovative. They buy “smart” products! Self-adjusting blinds, lights,
appliances and other home features appeal to their sense of a technologically
advanced home. Homes are being built with these buyers in mind.

Top 5 Home Design Features

1. Urban designs, such as a large loft style home with great flow
2. DIY Fixer-uppers: Millennials enjoy getting dirty and redesigning their
    home to suit their tastes
3. Light and bright with tall ceilings and lots of natural light
4. Smart Home devices and features
5. Sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood and energy efficiency.
   As they continue to make up a greater portion of first time home buyers,
   builders will be creating more and more homes which reflect their unique
   perspective. Watch for more innovation, sustainability and functionality
   in new home designs over the next decade