Top 7 DIY Winter Projects

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Top 7 Winter DIY Projects

Winter months bring cold days and long nights. While you wait for
the weather to warm up so you can get out into the garden, there are
still plenty of great DIY projects to tackle, even in the winter.

Here are 7 terrific ideas for the Do it Yourselfer in you.

1. Paint Your Walls –
Paint an accent wall or an entire room with a fresh color.

2. Declutter –
Sure this sounds like a fancy name for house cleaning, but decluttering

is more than that. Remove excess furnishings to make your rooms
seem larger and more inviting.

3. Update Your Kitchen
A new backsplash or cabinet pulls can quickly change the look and feel
of your kitchen.

4. Add Insulation
This will provide instant satisfaction as those cold, drafty rooms feel warm and cozy.

If you have some real skill, you can include changing out old windows or doors as well.

5. Smarten Up
This is a great time to automate your home with Smart devices. Add security cameras,

a smart thermostat or smart lights and plugs.

6. Build Something
For the handy, winter months are a

great time to add cabinets, a TV hutch or bookshelves to your home.

7. Re-Grout Your Tile
From kitchen counters to floors, re-grouting can freshen up the room.