What to expect when selling your home


The Spring Selling Season is here and it's a very busy time for both, 
buyers and sellers. With the limited amount of inventory, this can 
put both parties on edge. Here are a some tips to help manage
the home selling "unknowns"

1. Home Buyers: When your home hits the market, things feel a bit
out of control. Buyers show up at odd times, schedule last minute
showings, write crazy offers, make odd repair requests and they can be difficult.
As your Realtor, I will guide you through the process and help you navigate the

2. The Market – The market forces determine so many things like interest rates
and sales prices. As a local market expert, I will provide the data you need to
stay competitive in pricing your home for a successful sale.

3. Home Inspectors – You’ve loved and cared for your home, but even so
there could be hidden issues that only a comprehensive, professional home
inspection can uncover. One way to avoid unpleasant surprises is to put a
listing home warranty in place to cover unexpected repairs. This can help
off-set any home repairs needed to complete the sale.

4. Appraisers – Appraisers are people, too.  On occasion they make mistakes
in value. As a local market expert, I will work with your lender to help you
navigate an unfavorable appraisal. There are ways to combat a poor appraisal.
I was successful in having my clients Aberdeen home value adjusted by
providing better comps to the lender and appraiser, this is especially
important in an area with custom, high end homes.

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